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BRICS Is Able to Become Collective World Leader Instead of US – Malaysian Expert

04.09.2017 18:02

The BRICS Summit will be held in Xiamen, China on September 4 and 5. This gathering of the emerging markets' most promising countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – showcases the desire for these nations to continue to be deemed as such: the most promising emerging markets still.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, through a statement released by the Russian embassy here in Kuala Lumpur said that he considers this summit to be an important one, and that this would allow Russia to present its approaches to cooperate within the association.

"The Group of Five has greatly strengthened its global standing. It is important that the group's activities are based on the principles of equality, respect, and consensus", the Russian leader said.

According to Ibrahim Sani, a Malaysian political scientist, the tone that the Russian president carries is one of cooperation, conciliatory, and collaboration. And this could prove tactical in a time where the world really needs a counter weight to the hegemony on global policing powers that the United States had. Perhaps if Russia does this with partners in the form of the BRICS members, could prove successful in creating this counter weight, the political analyst said.

In his opinion, because of the US needing to sort their own issues internally, the role to fill the global powerhouse is now left vacant. And BRICS could be the wise grouping of nations to fill this void. Each of the BRICS nations has considerable influence in the region that they belong.

In addition, the political expert pointed out having included Syria in his pre-BRICS summit signals that BRICS is more than just an economic grouping, but very much a political one too. If Russia is happy to remind their BRICS partners of Syria, one can safely assume that other BRICS members would only be too happy to remind each other of their respective political assistance to their respective neighbouring countries as well.

According to the political analyst, all this while the US is still locked in their own domestic turmoil. It is clear and has been so for a few months now that the US' dominance on the global stage is waning. Perhaps BRICS is deciding amongst themselves that the time for them is now, the expert resumed.