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Skripal case is Western information weapon

17.08.2018 12:19

The US administration announced on Wednesday new sanctions against Russia because of its alleged use of chemical weapons in the British Salisbury. A new package of restrictions implies a complete ban on the export to Russia of electronic devices and dual-use components. In the future, the level of diplomatic relations may be reduced, the ban on flights to the United States for Aeroflot and the almost complete cessation of US exports. At the same time, the State Department noted that Russia can avoid sanctions if it guarantees the non-use of combat chemicals in the future.

In turn, State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarovaya believes that American politicians miscalculated and by their actions "declassified themselves as the perpetrator of setting poisoning in Salisbury." It is likely that the US intelligence agencies, together with their British counterparts, organized an attack using a chemical substance, in order to accuse Russia of aggression and violation of international law.

The benefits of the provocation for Washington and London are obvious. The US authorities have an excellent opportunity to exert pressure on the Russian leadership in resolving disputes. Thus, information about the US intention to introduce a new package of restrictions on the economic sector of the Russian Federation appeared almost immediately after the United States brought complaints to European allies about the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 energy project. In particular, Donald Trump warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the growing dependence of the EU on Russian gas if the pipeline was completed. However, Germany refused to stop cooperation with Russia. Therefore, Washington decided to influence on Moscow directly. At the same time,
the American leadership decided not to invent anything new, but simply to damage
the Russian economy.

The UK also benefits from the Salisbury incident. The government led by Theresa May with all its might to maintain the necessary level of anti-Russian hysteria in its own interests. First, it is necessary to maintain strong allied relations with other EU countries. The confidence index for London fell significantly against the backdrop of the decision by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the union in the most difficult time for him. Theresa May repeatedly urged her European partners to unite against the aggression of Moscow.

Secondly, the government of Great Britain, with the support of national media, succeeds in distracting the attention of the population from internal problems connected with the wrong planning of the country's exit from the European Union. And recently, in the country's media space, the theses about Russia's intervention in holding a referendum on Brexit issues and the need to annul its results are sounding more and more often. In this case, for Theresa May inflation of anti-Russian hysteria is vital.

Thus, the United Kingdom and the United States had a strong motive in committing a provocation against the Russian Federation. In addition, London and Washington are interested in extending the investigation indefinitely. To put forward a guilty verdict they need powerful evidence, which in fact are absent. While there is an investigation, they can impose restrictions at any time suitable for them. In turn, Moscow did not have a motive for committing an attempt on the traitor, who was released by Russian authorities to the UK in 2010. But the Western information weapon called "The Skripal Affair" caused considerable economic, diplomatic and moral damage to Russia.