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Failed Monopoly of Violence

27.10.2008 11:48


It is well-known that US puppet Saakashvili got his bitters in “the five-day war” against South Ossetia (read against Russia) - he lost his army, respect and trust of his overseas patrons.

The tragedy in South Ossetia revealed true colors of the United States, which became an accomplice of bloody crimes in South Ossetia against Russian peacekeepers and civilians. The United States is accessorial because it armed the Georgian aggressor with up-to-date weapons, provided him with intelligence, sent instructors and mercenaries who were actively involved in the aggression against Tskhinval.

Today media outlets often publish materials showing Georgia as a tool in the American hands, and claiming that the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia was planned not in Tbilisi but in the Pentagon. Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Affairs, says that “it was “a fighting reconnaissance” conducted by the USA to see the condition of the Russian society, its response to the war, and capability of the Russian leadership to take strategic decisions, as well as to test combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces”. And it is true.

It was the United States that successively prepared the Georgian army for the future war knowing it better why Tbilisi spends 30 per cent of its state budget on the armed forces (absolute world record!).

We also have to remind that just on the eve of the invasion of South Ossetia US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice visited Tbilisi and the USA and Gerogia conducted military exercise Immediate Response-2008. What recommendations have been given to Saakashvili by Ms C. Rice during the aforesaid visit to Tbilisi? Nobody knows. Most probably these recommendations were rather contradictory because they failed to restrain the Georgian President from donkey acts, and he got out of the American hand.

Attacking the Russian peacekeepers the Georgian army in fact attacked Russia. It is obvious. Saakashvili understood it well enough but did it. It is fondly to think that in so doing the Georgian President did not rely on the US support at least political, economic and informational if not military. And he has got such support.

George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney blamed Russia for aggression against “democratic” Georgia and demanded that Russia were isolated on the international arena. And what was left for them to do? The only thing the White House had to do was to save its puppet and at the same time to save its own reputation because Tbilisi justified its steps with an ambitious goal “to defend the American values”. The United States was supported by the United Nations, EU, OSCE and NATO, i.e. the organizations, which serve the US policy. When they demanded to punish Russia none of them clarified what state launched the aggression, and what crimes the Georgian soldiery committed when they destroyed Tskhinval before the Russian tanks entered the city.

Certain EU states and the USA that pushed Saakashvili to the war today try to justify the mad steps of the Georgian leaders. Moreover, instead of drawing serious conclusions from the armed gamble of Saakashvili, the USA and NATO are issuing various advances to restore the Georgian military capabilities. What for?

Why does the USA defend Saakashvili? Because by these actions it defends the failure of its violence monopoly and anti-Russian policy aimed at establishment of full control over the Caucasus. This time the United States lost – the monopoly of violence failed - Russia positively defended its interests and its citizens. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said: “Russia for the first time over recent years defended its citizens against the external aggression”.

Russia in South Ossetia demonstrated that the modern world does not belong to the USA and on August 8 in front of the eyes of the whole world stripped this country of the exclusive right to use force, which Washington this time tried to consolidate for itself in the Caucasus. The events in the Caucasus showed that the world is witnessing a process when the morality and justice are replacing the monopoly of violence.