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Mironov: Tbilisi Seeking to Destabilize Situation

27.10.2008 13:24

Speaker of the Council of Federation Sergey Mironov claimed that the EU monitors are unable to completely bring the situation near Abkhazia under their control, and therefore it is not impossible that the situation in the region will escalate again.

"The monitors and OSCE observers fail to manage the situation in the region, and it is fraught with a new escalation”, Mironov said on Monday speaking on the developments in Abkhazia.

The Speaker believes that Georgia “is seeking to destabilize the situation”. “And Western peacekeepers deployed there connive at it”, Sergey Mironov emphasized.

At the same time, the Speaker of the Council of Federation reminded that while Russian peacekeepers were deployed in Abkhazia, the situation in the region was calm.

Sergey Mironov also said that the Upper House of the Russian Parliament is ready to ratify the friendship treaties with Abkhazia and South Ossetia at its session on November 12 provided the documents are submitted from the State Duma by this time.