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D. Medvedev: Russia Will Take into Account in Its Policies What States Supplied Weapons to Saakashvili

28.10.2008 17:22

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said at the session of the Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation with Foreign States that Russia will take into account in its policies what states supplied weapons to Saakashvili and supported the Saakashvili?s regime in August 2008.

"We know about the assiduity with which some states supplied weapons to Saakashvili's regime, something that certainly encouraged his aggression. And now these states are actually implementing plans to re-equip his regime with new sorts of weapons. Unfortunately, a number of our friends were involved in this. We will not forget this and will naturally take it into account in our policies. I would like everyone to be aware of this?, Medvedev emphasized.

According to Medvedev, Moscow will fulfill all its obligations under earlier concluded military-technical cooperation contracts however in so doing it will take into account the actions of the aforesaid states.