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Western Assistance to Aggressor

07.11.2008 12:01


In spite of the fact that just recently the British Broadcasting Corporation told the world community about the bloody massacre of the Georgian aggressor in South Ossetia, and use of weapons by the Georgian militaries against civilians that violates the Geneva Convention and is actually a war crime, a decision of the European Union to provide economic assistance to Georgia looks ambiguous and strange - on the one side Tbilisi is an aggressor, on the other side Georgia should be helped as a victim of “the Russian aggression”.

This October Brussels hosted the International Donors’ Conference for Georgia (more than 60 delegations) held to sponsor Georgia’s recovery from consequences of its military gamble against South Ossetia.. Nobody said at the Conference that Georgia unleashed the war in the Transcaucasia and that Georgian soldiers committed a war crime shooting at civilians. The West was concerned over “the reconstruction of the Georgia’s economy” allegedly damaged due to “the armed conflict with Russia”.

Nobody at the Conference also talked about assistance to South Ossetia as if Tskhinval hasn’t been ruined and several hundred people haven’t been killed or become refugees escaping from the aggressor murdering peaceful civilians.

The Conference was initiated by the European Commission, France and Czech Republic as the actual and future EU chairs. European Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso claimed at an opening ceremony that “the international community wants to demonstrate its support to the Georgian people”. It is very good, but why do they demonstrate it not to the suffered nation but to those who fulfilled the criminal order of their mad president to brutally and cruelly kill civilians in South Ossetia?

Who pressed the buttons of Grads, pulled triggers of sniper rifles, crushed women and children with tanks and committed other crimes when invading Tskhinval? It was not Saakashvili personally, but representatives of the same “distressed Georgian people”. What is the opinion of the people who survived that war? When the Georgian aggressors were kicked out from Tskhinval survived Ossetians were asked: “What do you think about Georgians?” All people answered: “There are not humans, they are fascists, they are beasts.”

So, “the international community wants to render its support” to these “people”, to these “beasts” in a human appearance. So, what will they get? It will be a rather big sum: 4.5 billion Dollars from the European Union and other Western countries. A principal sponsor, the United State of America, will provide 1 billion Dollars to “the victim”. An agreement on 250 million of this 1 billion has been signed already.

H. Fore, USAID Administrator, said that “such projects enjoy active support of both parties, Democratic and Republican, in the USA. Provision of this assistance will not be affected even by the financial crisis in the USA”. According to US State Secretary C. Rice “the Washington’s assistance will help Georgia to survive and prosper”. The European Union as an entity will provide 500 million Euros; Germany is ready to offer 33.7 million Euros, Sweden – 41 million Euros, Italy – about 3 million Euros, Norway – approximately25 million Euros. The Baltic states will provide at least 1 million Euros each, Ukraine – more than 20 million Dollars, Czech Republic – more than 150 million Korunas, Japan – 200 million Euros, etc. Total needs of Georgia in assistance are estimated to be 3.2 billion Dollars in the three-year prospect.

It is stated that the collected money will be spent on the restoration of the Georgian economic infrastructure, increase of international investors’ confidence to Georgia (it is believed that the economy of the country suffered from the loss of investors’ confidence even more than from war destructions), aid to displaced persons (refugees) totaling almost 65 thousand “who lost their shelter” during the war.

According to Saakashvili in case of the prompt and targeted use of foreign money the economic stability in Georgia will be restored during six months. Experts criticizing the powerful Western financial inflow are doubtful of Georgian authorities’ ability to properly manage “the financial rain from the sky” and predict aggravation of corruption and power abuse in various state bodies. In this connection C. Hoffmann, an official of the European Commission, promised guaranteed supervision over the money provided by the European Union (500 million Euros) only. Other donors are to settle this matter with Tbilisi on the bilateral basis.

The targeted use of the Western money by Tbilisi is also rather doubtful, and first off all it is doubtful that this money will be used for military purposes. As a matter of fact practically all EU states are the MATO members, which leadership declared that it will provide comprehensive assistance for restoration of the Georgian defense infrastructure. So it not impossible that the Western funds would become new Grads, tanks, large-caliber guns and other offensive weapons for mass annihilation of humans.

And the last but not least. Russia was not invited to the Conference due to clear reasons. Moreover, on the eve of the Conference Benita Ferrero-Waldner,European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, claimed that in due time (no less, no more) a claim “to compensate the damage inflicted to Tbilisi” may be lodged to Moscow. And it happens in the situation when according to famous German politician Horst Tekchik “actions of the Georgian troops in South Ossetia and those who issued orders to them cannot be regarded otherwise as war crimes and gross violations of the human rights, and should not remain unpunished including pursuant to the international law”.