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European Union: Traffic Rules for Saakashvili

13.11.2008 17:03

Dimitry Babich

The Georgian president is loosing credit of his Western patrons. After the EU Commission officially recognized that it was Tbilisi that unleashed the war in South Ossetia, the rating of Mikhail Saakashvili reached rock bottom even in the eyes of Brussels and Strasburg. An effort “to return to the democracy” will cost to the head of Georgia very much.

"And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased,” says the Holy Bible. It seems that the Georgian president just forgot this simple Bible wisdom. Or may be he never knew it. Vice versa he would not say to the local mass media that the new time is coming in the relations between Tbilisi and “civilized West”.

And he does not care that the EU delegation, which visited Tskhinval and its outskirts, found traces of Georgian Army’s crimes. And he does not care that Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), “warned” the Georgian authorities against new “inadequate steps”. And finally he does not care that Georgia itself by its own hands actually put an end to all hopes for restoration of its territorial integrity.

Against the background of political knockout the Republic is involved in foreign debts to be repaid by several generations of its innocent citizens. But Sakashvili insists: “We have demonstrated our pride, and we will demonstrate it in future”. A rather unambiguous statement.

Vanessa Le Roa, an international observer, says: “These are the words of a man confident in himself but not in reality. It seems that he makes the best of a bad bargain. It is not a secret for anybody that Georgia in the face of its leaders makes efforts to pursue the international politicum in its own manner. Except that the word “pride” often is not a synonym of “wisdom”.

After the EU Special Representative for Internal Policy put his signature under a permission to show a movie about the barbarities of the Georgian troops in South Ossetia in Brussels, the “pride” of Saakashvili turned into “a soap bubble” in the eyes of the EU General Assembly.

"There are no reasons to say that it was Tskhinval inspired by Moscow that provoked the war”, said French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

It gets worse and worse as it goes on. Sarkozy believes that the Georgian leader should eventually either confess and recognize its guiltiness or settle down to a course of confrontation with “civilized Europe”. The opinion of Sarkozy is already shared by other speakers of the European parliament who early opposed it.

"How can we explain the fact that Tbilisi, which earlier suppressed opposition protest rallies, now claims that it is a capital of a democratic state?” asks EU representative from Spain Cesar Reyes. .

Anyways if Mikhail Saakashvili believes that he is “a highly educated man”, he should understand that his personal reputation may be guarded only thru strict compliance with the standards of conduct accepted in Europe.

In this connection an amusing event occurred during celebration of the 90th anniversary of independence of Poland. A cortege of German Chancellor Angele Merkel collided end on with a cortege of Mikhail Saakashvili hurrying up to the celebration. Policemen had to convince bodyguards of the Georgian president for a long time that nobody is allowed to violate traffic rules in the European Union.