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New Provocation: Firing at Cortege of Kachinski and Saakashvili

24.11.2008 10:12

A spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry denied the fact of firing at the cortege of Polish President Leh Kachniski and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, and said that it is “nothing but a provocation”.

"Russian militaries stationed in the military base in the territory of South Ossetia and in block posts in this Republic did not open fire moreover in the direction of Georgia”, said the Defense Ministry spokesman.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also denied the fact of firing. Deputy Minister Grigori Karasin claimed that “the Georgian side once again mistakes the wish for the realty”.

Earlier information on the firing was denied in the HQ of the Russian peacekeepers.

Boris Attoyev, Head of the South Ossetian KGB, claimed that the incident took place at a border-guard post near the village of Masabruni, Lelingorski District of the Republic.

Attoyev said that the cortege of Kachinski and Saakashvili consisting of about 30 vehicles came to the border-guard post but the border guards refused to let them in.

"Yet several vehicles made an effort to break through the first obstacle but were repeatedly warned on illegality of their actions. Thereafter the cars turned back and left for Georgia”, Attoyev said and emphasized that the border guards did not open fire.

Polish TV Channel TVN was the first to report on the firing at the cortege of Kachinski and Saakashvili. Mikhail Kaminski, Spokesman of the Kachinski’s Office, who told about the firing on TV yet failed to say exactly if there were shots in the direction of the cortege or in the air. No casualties were reported in the incident.